Asia Pacific Hotel Sustainability Data Report

By On 05th December 2016

Damien Little, Director of Horwath HTL in Singapore, and Eric Ricaurte, Founder of Greenview, have written the 2015 Issue of our Asia Pacific Hotel Sustainability Data Report.

Extract from our Asia Pacific Hotel Sustainability Data Report

Sustainability increasingly translates to embedding aspects of design, equipment, and operations that reduce a hotel’s footprint and enhance the guest experience. Hundreds, even thousands of best practices are available for hotels of all size and asset class. Several practices are commonplace and well understood by hoteliers. Others are emerging, while new innovations are arising and being tested throughout the industry.
To understand the region’s status on implementing these types of practices, we included additional sustainability questions in the Horwath HTL hotel industry surveys reflecting 2015 calendar year energy and water usage. We then calculated the greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions using the energy data, producing the metrics according to the same methodology used in the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index.
The sustainability questions were intended to gauge progress on hotel specifications across three categories of the adoption spectrum:

  • Attributes that have become ubiquitous across all hotels (linen/towel reuse, low-flow fixtures);
  • Emerging best practices with proven ROI and universal capacity for implementation (variable frequency drives, water reuse); and
  • Nascent innovations forecasted to see uptake in the future, but which are not yet as common (use of renewable energy).

With each year, the data set, data quality, and uptake in best practices has improved and is likely to continue. Through this report we can see how the region progresses along this spectrum.

About The Author

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Damien Little

Damien Little is a Director of Horwath HTL in Asia and is based in the Australia office. He has previously been based in both the Beijing and Hong Kong offices of Horwath HTL, having worked for the company for the last 15 years. Damien has 17 years of consulting experience and has significant experience in financial modeling. During this time he has undertaken hotel related projects in 17 countries across the Asia Pacific region, being involved in more than 400 projects.

Damien has been involved in projects across all industry segments including 5 star city hotels, golf resort properties, mid-scale regional hotels, budget hotels, backpacker accommodation, restaurants and clubs. He has significant experience in the China market having traveled to more than 70 cities across the country. Prior to joining Horwath HTL in 2001, Damien worked for both Arthur Andersen and PricewaterhouseCoopers in Sydney.

He is also a frequent speaker at industry related conferences around the region and has published numerous research articles in regional industry publications.
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