Destination Spas: Understanding the Wellness Benefits

By Ingo Schweder on April 28, 2014

Horwath HTL Thailand releases the first issue in a series of reports for the Health and Wellness Industry.

The report serves to provide an overview of the destination spa industry.It includes a brief history of wellness and the place of destination spas within it, the factors differentiating destination spas from traditional resorts, a case for investment in dedicated wellness ventures, critical success factors for the construction and operations of destination spas that can compete in an increasingly competitive wellness marketplace, and future considerations for destination spa development.

Destination spas as we know them today are facilities built upon the concept of total wellbeing, in which the main goal is to promote the achievement of both physical and mental health goals through targeted spa treatments and services as well as health and wellness education, which could include be but is certainly not limited to tailored fitness training, cooking courses, and theoretical instruction.

To download a copy of the report please click here.

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