European Hotels & Chains Report 2017

By James Chappell on May 9, 2017

Chains report 2017

Horwath HTL are delighted to announce the release of the inaugral European Hotels and Chains Report. The goal behind the report was to try and accurately shed light on the current situation and see how markets were evolving. Investors need transparency and brands need to know what the competitive landscape looks like. This initial report looks at 14 European countries, and examines the relationship between branded and chain hotels, compared to the rest of the market. We looked at overall ranking by size in each country, by overall group (hotels and rooms) and by brand. We broke the information down by domestic and international groups and brands and then by scale/style of hotels.

Finally, for this edition of the European Hotels and Chains Report we broke each country down to major cities or destinations to give a deeper understanding of what chain penetration is.

The idea behind the report began a few years ago, when our team in Rome decided to put together a report on the state of hotel chains in Italy, no easy task as you can imagine. What became clear as we investigated the market was that it was complicated and opaque, a labyrinth of family ownership and local brands many of whom were unheard of outside of their local city, let alone Italy itself.

This Italian report has become respected and incredibly well received in the local market and we decided as a group to expand our scope to the key markets in Europe, building on the database year by year to provide a comprehensive view of the branded versus independent hotel situation.

Some of this data exists elsewhere of course, there are a number of countries that have good amounts of data on their hospitality industry, some for sale and some free to access.

A surprising number of countries do not however, and we saw an opportunity to consolidate much of this data in one place to make it easier to have a holistic view of the market. This is our first attempt and we will continue to build on the information every year, making it more accurate and adding to the number of ways this data can be shown and looked at.

The most positive stat for our industry is how many of these brands are growing and expanding, a good indicator that the industry is in rude health and attracting significant levels of investment. Much of this makes for fascinating reading, we certainly hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

James Chappell
Horwath HTL Global Business Director

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