Horwath HTL Projects 2014 Hotel Outlook For the Americas

By James Chappell on February 19, 2014

Horwath HTL, the world’s largest and most experienced hotel, tourism and leisure consulting Brand have written seven Country Reports from the North American, Mexico and Latin America for the prestigious 2014 Hotel Yearbook. The Hotel Yearbook, in its eighth edition, is made up of exclusive editorial contributions from more than two-dozen opinion leaders from around the world. The publication focuses on the future of the hotel industry and upcoming trends and innovations that will have an impact on its development.
Each Country report gives a brief snapshot of the hotel business landscape in 2013, followed by an insider’s perspective on the outlook for 2014 and beyond. Included are:
• Key developments anticipated in the wider economy effecting hotel development.
• Expected moves by the market’s most important players.
• Possible and significant changes in the regulatory environment.
Altogether, the 7 countries covered are: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru and The United States.
James Chappell, Global Business Director at Horwath HTL, said: “ Working with the prestigious Hotel Yearbook again in 2014, we have been able to report on many more markets than we ever have before. For the Americas we have put the spotlight on two regions that couldn’t be more different in terms of maturity and brand saturation. We look at the important questions of recovery from the financial crisis and whether a ‘hot’ BRIC market like Brazil is stalling under economic and regulatory headwinds. ”
The Hotel Yearbook 2014 is an e-book, available not only at the Hotel Yearbook web site but also via Hsyndicate’s 25+ online channels. Copies of Horwath HTL Reports can also be accessed through the Horwath HTL websites and can be accessed via the following link: http://horwathhtl.us/publications/publications/
About Horwath HTL
Horwath HTL is the largest and most experienced hotel, tourism and leisure consulting brand in the world, with over 50 offices in 39 countries. Horwath HTL’s global reach is complimented by a deep local knowledge, gained from thousands of projects over many years.
Horwath HTL remains the number one choice for hotel and real estate companies, as well as individuals and financial institutions looking to invest in the hospitality industry. Whatever and wherever your project, Horwath HTL offers the reassurance of an internationally consistent quality of service.
Horwath HTL is a member of Crowe Horwath International, a professional association of accounting and management consulting firms founded in New York in 1915. Crowe Horwath International is currently ranked among the top ten international professional service groups with offices in close to 586 cities in 108 countries.
If you have any questions, please contact James Chappell, Global Business Director at jchappell@horwathhtl.com
About The Hotel Yearbook
Published annually since 2007, The Hotel Yearbook is a compendium of high-level insights and ideas about the future of the global hotel business, written by and for the industry’s leaders around the world. Focusing on strategic foresight and innovation, over 200 CEOs and other senior executives have contributed to the publication since it was founded. www.hotel-yearbook.com
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