Hotel Guidebook 2015-2016, Poland and CEE

By Dariusz Futoma on November 24, 2015

On this 100th anniversary of Horwath HTL, we present you with the fifth issue of this publication dedicated to the hotel and tourism industry in Poland – The Hotel Guidebook. From the pages of this report – a periodical which is now eagerly awaited not only by investors, but all those with an interest in hospitality and hotel management as well as tourism in Poland – you’ll be able to gather just how much of an emotional whirlwind brimming with interesting investments we’ve had since the last publication.

The last 2 years stands for almost 200 new hotels – a truly impressive figure, however the growth is not geographically uniform. Despite the family hotel still being the dominant feature on the market, hotel chain proliferation is evident. Through cooperation with STR, we’ll present the performance of Polish hotels between 2010 and 2015. The figures for the last five years clearly show a growing trend in terms of hotel occupancy rate. On the other hand, the data unequivocally shows that still, the primary challenge for the hotelier is to drive up the average price. The results returned by Polish as compared to European courtiers and our closest neighbours are interesting.
The coming year will not only see investments, but also new international chains on our market. These will be behind the growth, stimulating the Polish hotel market into activity. In the last report, we mentioned innovation, with various forms of investments in the hotel industry in mind. Continuing that last topic in this issue, we decided to show alternative forms, which have become a permanent item around the world, but are little known in Poland. We are convinced that there is potential here for growth in Poland – only if an account of lower investment costs.

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