Industry Report, Asia Pacific: Sustainability Data Trends Report

By Damien Little on November 13, 2015

Damien Little of Horwath HTL Singapore and Eric Ricaurte of Greenview have produced a report about Sustainability Data Trends in Asia Pacific.

“With the recent unveiling of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the upcoming COP21 climate talks in Paris, and the call to action heard by several political and spiritual leaders, we will see significant progress in the availability of solutions to address our impacts on the planet and society. Furthermore, in such important times where climate change and resource scarcity hit home across the globe, a better understanding of a hotel’s footprint and actions to reduce it becomes paramount.
Through this survey we hope to support these efforts to help the region’s hotel industry identify and implement the opportunities available for true triple bottom line results: people, planet, and profit.”

To download the report, please click here.

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