Industry Report: USA, Lodging Industry, Compensation Study 2015

By John Montgomery on September 26, 2015

John Montgomery of Horwath HTL Denver, CO, USA, and Nadine Pietrowski of Crowe Horwath Denver, CO, USA, have produced an informative report about the Lodging Industry in the Rocky Mountain Region, CO, USA.

“Horwath HTL (Hotels, Tourism and Leisure)/Lodging & Hospitality Consultants, Inc. and the public accounting firm of Crowe Horwath Denver/GHP Horwath P.C. are pleased to present the 2014/2015 Lodging Industry Compensation Study for the Rocky Mountain Region.
All compensation data was reported as of Year-End 2013. The objective of this compensation study is to provide operators in the lodging industry with a general range of the base salaries lodging operators paid as the date.”

To download the report, please click here.

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