Look Past the Negativity, Sochi has all the Ingredients to be a Hugely Successful Resort Destination

By Marius Gomola on February 5, 2014

Moscow, February the 5th 2014

Horwath HTL, Russia and Hungary have released a special market report on Sochi, that looks at the incredible development over last five years and the implications for sustainable tourism. The report, which has the heading “Sochi’s Tourism Industry the Overall Gold Medal Favourite of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia” is part of a series of special market reports written by Horwath HTL, the worlds largest and most experienced hotel and hospitality Brand.
The report shows that while many external issues about the Olympics have served to muddy the waters and taken focus away from the development, by the time the doors open, 9,000 new hotel rooms will have opened. Many of these new hotels are operated under international or regional brands, with a mix of franchise and management agreements. While this is a huge number, there are a number of reasons why this can be the foundation of a strong tourism industry;

  • Sochi is a unique destination as it has two genuine seasons. Many resorts claim to offer both beach and ski facilities, but the Mountains are only 45 minutes from Sochi city centre, and the new direct rail means the roads no longer are an issue.
  • Sochi has 250 million potential domestic customers from Russia who will embrace a resort that has no language or cultural difficulties.
  • With airlift being a key component, the privately owned airport can accommodate double the current capacity.

Marius Gomola said, “The report presents a tremendous opportunity, but one that is not without risks. Sochi has all of the ingredients for success. Because of the Olympics and Formula 1, it is an incredibly well known destination and brand and has two genuine seasons. What is lacking at the moment however, is a comprehensive and co-ordinated strategy as to how they will fill the rooms post games. The bottom line is that they need a dedicated destination-marketing organisation, as it is the travel agents and tour operators that need to deliver the guests. If they can create that, and keep the focus of the Federal Government to compete the destination after the torch has gone, then Sochi will be truly on the map.”

The report can be accessed here: http://www.hotelnewsnow.com/Article/13069/Potential-abounds-for-Sochis-tourism-industry

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