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By Eunice Aw on January 23, 2020

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Bohol, Philippines:

Perennially popular for its Chocolate Hills and tarsier sanctuary, today Bohol has raised its profile internationally as an inimitable ecotourism destination. Recent tourism boom is propelled by the opening of new Bohol International Airport, infrastructure developments, and government’s continuous tourism promotion.

Unique from other destinations, Bohol offers a myriad of attractions from landscape to seascape. Advantageous to Boracay, it boasts more than white sand beaches and is home to one of the world’s best diving sites. Every year Bohol Marine Triangle attracts avid divers with rich marine biodiversity.

Unsurprisingly, Bohol has also caught the attention of investors for hotel and leisure developments. Unlike other commercialised resort destinations, Panglao exudes an idyllic charm and authentic hospitality from the local communities appealing to travellers who prefer tranquillity and quietness.

Monthly passenger arrivals to Bohol 2017-2018

Monthly passenger arrivals to Bohol 2017 2018

As tourism accounts for 90 percent of Bohol’s industry, the critical question on the outlook of Bohol tourism is:

“Amidst of rapid tourism growth, will Bohol be able to manage the dichotomy of sustainable tourism to maintain its positioning as a première ecotourism destination whilst being cautious of the environment degradation resulting from construction and tourist influx?”

This latest report from the Horwath HTL team in Singapore gives an overview of the Bohol resort market.

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