Market Report: China

By on April 26, 2013

This special report from Horwath HTL looks at the Chinese Hotel Market and looks at the way business is done and the advantages and disadvantages to Investors not from the region and what they can expect.

“If you are a real estate developer looking to enter the China hotel market, when packing your bags be sure to leave behind the traditional tools used in assessing a development’s potential.

You may also want to leave behind those principals of the real estate market you have learned over time. China doesn’t work the same way. If you persist with a traditional approach, you will most likely go home empty handed. From afar, China appears to most western businesses as an immense pot of gold just waiting to be tapped into – a vast source of future wealth.

Many westerners unfamiliar with China view the country as an unstoppable economic powerhouse surging toward domination through its own version of a market economy. “

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