Market Report: South Africa

By Michelé de Witt on August 5, 2013

Horwath HTL South Africa has written the latest in the series of special market reports, with this edition focussing on the South African Market.
“South Africa has become the country with the highest influx of tourist arrivals in Sub-Saharan Africa and has one of the best tourism infrastructures in the region. Today, the South African government recognises the possibilities the tourism sector can deliver upon which has led to the sector being identified as one of the six core pillars of growth in the country’s New Growth Path framework. 

The Tourism Environment

Undoubtedly, South Africa’s hosting of mega international events has provided the country with a platform to showcase its tourism offering. In fact, when South Africa was confirmed as the host country for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World CupTM, South Africa, at that point in time, was only the second country
in the world to host the cricket, rugby, and football world cups. Over the past two decades, the South African tourism industry has grown exponentially from an estimated 1 million international visitors recorded in the country in 1990 to an estimated 9 million visitors in 2012. Often referred to as South Africa’s ‘new gold’, the country’s travel and tourism sector is estimated to have contributed approximately ZAR102 billion to the country’s economy and directly supported an estimated 620 000 jobs in 2012.”

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