Thailand Review: Krabi and Phang Nga

By Nikhom Jensiriratanakorn on August 2, 2021

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Krabi and Phang Nga are rising destinations and, together with Phuket, form the most popular tourism triangle in Thailand. They ride on Phuket’s growth trajectory and international air access, offering complementary travel experience with outdoor adventures into diverse and pristine nature.

Both markets capture interest from the European clientele amid community-based and sustainable tourism trends. Infrastructure improvement is underway with the expansion of Krabi Airport, an alternative point of entry, the earmarked development of Phang Nga Airport and the enhancement of island accessibility.

Success of top-tier hotels has increased international reputation and, on the back of moderate supply and oceanfront land availability, presents a lucrative opportunity for high-end (integrated) resort and tourism projects.

Nikhom Jensiriratanakorn

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