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30th January 2018

Market Update: Bangkok Hotel & Hotel Residences

Move over London and New York, here comes the emerging world-class megacity, Bangkok.

In five short years, the electric metro across Greater Bangkok will reach a length of 464 kilometers. This will surpass London’s 402 km Tube network and New York City’s subway, which is 380 km. The great promise of the East, has now become the new [...]

KL Hotel & Hotel Residence Market Update_2018
17th January 2018

Kuala Lumpur: Hotel & Hotel Residences Market Update

Kuala Lumpur’s Urban Push Attracting Luxury Hotel Brands. An expanding urban city skyline is the subject of the new Kuala Lumpur Hotel & Hotel Residences Update by Horwath HTL and C9 Hotelworks. With Malaysia forecasting 28 million visitors in 2018, the county’s economic growth is on an upward trajectory bolstered by strong exports and rising domestic [...]

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19th September 2017

Summary of the Hong Kong Hotel Industry Review 2016

The 30th edition of the Hong Kong Hotel Industry Report, jointly produced by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and Horwath HTL (Horwath HTL), and supported by the Hong Kong Hotels Association (HKHA) and the Hotel Controllers & Accountants Association of Hong Kong (HCAA), presents detailed financial, operational and marketing information from 104 hotels located [...]

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04th August 2017

Horwath HTL Special Market Report: Queensland, Australia

Stefan Muff and Spring Fan of Horwath HTL Australia have written the latest Horwath HTL Special Market Report on Queensland, Australia.

While some resorts may take years to recover from the devastation of Cyclone Debbie, and a stagnant corporate travel market has slowed growth, the Queensland market remains strong. In 2016, Queensland recorded the largest [...]

20th June 2017

Horwath HTL Market Report Morocco

With its coastline, mountains and desert, a rich cultural and historical heritage and its strategic location within the Mediterranean, Morocco benefits from a strong tourism potential.

Currently undergoing large-scale development to reach its objective of 20 million visitors by 2020, Morocco’s tourism sector is set to post around 7% growth per year, driven by the [...]

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25th April 2017

India Hotel Review Report 2016

Horwath HTL India has teamed up with STR Global to produce a new volume of our Hotel Market Review Reports on the Indian Hotel Market.

Click here to download our latest edition of the Indian Hotel Review Report.

Hotel & Branded Residences Report: Bali
17th February 2017

Hotel & Branded Residences Report: Bali

Horwath HTL in Indonesia has teamed up with C9 Hotelworks to produce their annual Hotel & Branded Residences Report: Bali.

Extract of our Hotel & Branded Residences Report: Bali

Quantity over quality: be careful what you wish for. After a very challenging 2015 for Bali, occupancy was up by more [...]

Asia Pacific and Australia Hotel Market Update
11th January 2017

Asia Pacific and Australia Hotel Market Update

Horwath HTL in Asia Pacific and in Australia have teamed up with STR to produce our quarterly Asia Pacific Hotel Market Update. The spotlight of our Q3 2016 issue is on Australia’s Hotel Market.

Extract of our Asia Pacific and Australia Hotel Market Update

Economy hotel chains continue to [...]

Asia Pacific Hotel Sustainability Data Report
05th December 2016

Asia Pacific Hotel Sustainability Data Report

Damien Little, Director of Horwath HTL in Singapore, and Eric Ricaurte, Founder of Greenview, have written the 2015 Issue of our Asia Pacific Hotel Sustainability Data Report.

Extract from our Asia Pacific Hotel Sustainability Data Report

Sustainability increasingly translates to embedding aspects of design, equipment, and operations that reduce a [...]

Indonesia Hotel Market Performance
25th October 2016

Asia Pacific Market Reports: Indonesia Hotel Market Performance

Our Horwath HTL office in Indonesia teamed up with STR to write our latest Asia Pacific Market Reports: Indonesia Hotel Market Performance.

Extract from our Indonesia Hotel Market Performance report

Java to Bali is one of the world’s classic overland routes, popular with Indonesians and foreigners alike, especially for Europeans with extended vacations. The [...]

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12th October 2016

Horwath HTL Pacific Asia Qualifications Documents

Please download our latest Horwath HTL Pacific Asia Qualifications Documents by services and by countries.

Click on the country you are interested in to download our qualifications:

Cambodia Indian Ocean Indonesia Korea Malaysia Pacific Islands Philippines Singapore
Singapore Market Report
27th September 2016

Special Market Reports, Issue 75: Singapore

Damien Little of Horwath HTL Singapore has written our latest Singapore Market Report.

Extract from our Singapore Market Report:

Following a profound transformation into a leading hotel market in the Asia Pacific region, concerns are again at the forefront of hoteliers minds in Singapore. STR Global recently announced that in August this year, [...]